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Your Space
Contour Lines

Extended Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 1

Title of the Unit: Your Story

Title of this daily lesson: “Your Space”

Grade Level(s): 6th Grade Art

Colorado Academic Standards:

VISUAL ARTS Sixth Grade, Standard 3. Invent and Discover to Create

Grade Level Expectation:

2. Explore various media, materials and techniques used to create works of visual art and design.

VISUAL ARTS Sixth Grade, Standard 4. Relate and Connect to Transfer

Grade Level Expectation:

3. Investigate how art addresses contemporary issues and community and societal concerns.

Big Idea(s): Art can reflect the circumstances surrounding us.

Enduring Understandings:

  • Art is integrated in every aspect of life.

  • By giving choice on materials, students learn conceptual problem solving and flexibility.

  • Creativity with material usage fosters ingenuity in design.

Essential Questions:

  • How can art communicate ideas to other viewers?

  • Why is perspective important in telling a story through art?

  • In what ways can youth change public opinion?

Daily Lesson Objectives:

The artist will… Investigate how visual art and design can make connections between subjects, disciplines or events.


Sixth grade students will begin the quarter with a basic formal lesson in line, shape and space by drawing their own bedroom or another room they are using often during the Covid pandemic. They will use contour lines only to describe their space.

Content Integration:

Will integrate physical science in a later lesson.


Because of the nature of the pandemic and online learning, we will walk 6th grade students through short lessons in the formal elements of art and design, and ask for responses within Schoology.

Success Criteria:

If students are showing consistent responses to projects and thoughtful time and effort to lessons, we will be happy!


Because I will complete my time at Erie Middle before the end of the quarter, I will rely on assessment of individual projects and student responses. The host teacher and I chose not to give A’s unless a concerted effort is given to participation and practice working at home.

Accommodations and Modifications:

We have one hearing impaired student who has an interpreter in 8th grade. They will be filming separately. We may need to figure out more tech connections. Compared to in-person lessons, all lessons will be modified to meet synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students will not be allowed more than 15-20 minutes of online time per class.


We will have have both demo and resource videos downloaded in Schoology for students to access.

Supplies and Equipment:  

  • Computer and iPad for Webex, Schoology (teachers)

  • paper

  • cardboard boxes and scraps

  • pencils

  • colored pencils or crayons

  • tape or glue

  • scraps from mail, magazine, newspaper, catalogs

  • ruler or straight edge, like edge of a book

Safety Concerns:  

There won’t be many safety concerns for this quarter, since students will be in their own homes. Our primary concern is emotional health and engagement in learning. We will not be giving them as many activities, since they will be juggling quite a bit with online school and limited supplies.

Teaching Procedure:

(Includes 5 minute break down)

Beginning---Introduction or Anticipatory Set


  • First 5 minutes: Greeting students online, giving introductions, and helping problem solve any tech issues for students. Beau and I will go over classroom expectations for the quarter.

  • Second 5 minutes: Warm up of new artist quick bio and essential question from their work. Students record artist info, question/s and answer/s.

  • Third 5 minutes: Take online attendance and give directions for asynchronous learning.

  • Instruction/Demonstration (5 minutes): Asynchronous learning. Students watch demo on Schoology, or access resources, like vocabulary, definitions, or biographies.

  • Middle---Student Creating Phase (25 minutes) Asynchronous learning. Students will work at home on their project.

  • End—Closure: Since we will not be seeing them again until the next day, the only closure may be photographing and downloading work into their Schoology account for us to give feedback and grade.


Amazing Automata
Cross-Disciplinary Engineering and Art


Amazing Automata

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