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As a parent of transitioning adult children, I am increasingly aware of the brevity of life’s experience. Motherhood, nurture, and daily ritual have molded my present. I’ve become fascinated by beauty in the mundane and the endearing results of erosion with age: patina, rust, exposure, fading, tearing and fraying. These qualities mimic characteristics often overlooked and undervalued.

My art communicates the grace of cyclical events: imperfection, vulnerability and transparency. Layers of transparent acrylic washes narrate time, relationship, and placed value. The act of constructing and priming the canvas without sanding leaves a matte quality reminiscent of a well-read book. Pushing individual combinations of underpaintings, glazes and offsetting compositions, I seek to invoke nostalgia and longing for connection in what makes life worth risking; loving the unlovable, forbearing with differences and serving with no expectation.

Contact me for commissions or prices on pieces.

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